Monday, September 19, 2011

Guilty Conscience...

Shortly after we decided to do something other then just talk. Sophie decided to have a race to the other side of the paddock.
         “Please Sophie, can we just play around here?” I nervously asked.
         “Why would we?” Sophie said, “when we can play around the whole paddock.”
         “PLEASE Sophie,” I whined, “we might wake our parents!”
         “You mean you came here without your mums’ permissions?” inquired Fiona.
         “Will you get in trouble?” asked shy Pippin.
         “Um… well… yes, so I don’t want to play near the fence on the far side of the paddock.” I stammered.
         “Jilla, you worry too much! I have done this a million times before, and I’ve only been caught three times.” replied Sophie.
         I however, found little comfort in this statement. Annie was, well, very soft on Sophie. Mother had told me that Sophie will end up having bad manners, and be hard to train because her mother constantly let her do whatever she pleased with only little consequence. My mother would nip me very hard if she found me, it made me feel very guilty thinking about it. I still wasn’t sure if it was worth it.
         We ended up playing in the middle of the paddock.
         I admit that I didn’t enjoy it very much, I was constantly thinking of my punishment if I got caught, or my guilty conscience if I didn’t. How could Sophie enjoy this, I wondered.
          We finally did decide to do a race around the paddock, much to my despair, but I still joined in.   
         “On your mark, get set, go!” Shouted Fiona, who never participated in races since she was very clumsy and slow.

Poll Results...

Hello Followers

My Poll has finally closed and here is the results

Thank you to all of those who voted on my 'What Would You Like To See Once A Month On Jilla' poll. The results were interesting and have helped me understand what my followers would like to see best.

The results were...

Informative Horse Posts - 2 (28%)

Informative Show Jumping Posts - 1 (14%)

Character Profiles - 3 (42%)

Tips on Story Writing - 2 (28%)

Horse Book and Movie Reviews - 4 (57%)

All of the Above - 2 (28%)

None, I Like Jilla How it is - 2 (28%)

I will post every second month a horse book or movie review, and every other month alternate between a character profile, informative horse post (including show jumping posts) and tips on story writing. Sorry for those who voted they like Jilla just how it is, I am flattered, but I have to go with the most popular choice.

The 'Are You A Horsy Person' poll is still open, so don't forget to vote on it if you haven't already (:

From Lauren

p.s - This was my pony Bobby, I couldn't resist putting this pic somewhere on my blog (:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award...

I have been awarded...

Thank you so much Rebecca! I really appreciate it (:

I am supposed to say seven things about me that you might not know, so here are my answers...

1 - My Dad is a pilot

2 - I love herbs! My favourites are Coriander, Basil and Chives.  

3 - I broke my right arm at five by falling off my Aunty's horse. I have also broken my left arm at ten by falling off our slippery dip at home (yeah I know, I am talented at hurting myself!)

4 - I have been to Papua New Guinea, England, Ireland and Scotland. 

5 - I did 'Little Athletics'  and was placed 'Under 8 Girl Champion'. 

6 - My Grandma was a model.

7 - I have done gymnastics and have placed 6th on floor and 3rd on vault in a competition.

I have to pass this on to 15 other bloggers, so if your name is in the list, please do as I have done and write seven things about yourself and pass it on to 15 others (it doesn't matter if you can't make it to 15, I didn't). Most importantly though, have fun!

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Bex from BEx Blog

Bri from Diamonds and Pearls

Crista Moriah from Uniquely Fashioned For His Glory

Elizabeth from Quiet Streams

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Holly from Roses and Bluebells

India From Heaven In My Heart

Izi from My Ballet Point of View

Makenzie from Big Sister's Nook

Sarah from Isla Creations

I hope you have found this interesting (:

From Lauren

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