Saturday, August 27, 2011

On the Other Side of the Fence...

I slowly walked out of the gate and into freedom. I felt guilty thinking of what my Mother would say if she saw me, but it felt so good to be out of fences and boundaries, that I enjoyed the experience.
         Sophie led the way to the other paddock. Our paddock was right next to Tinker’s, but the gates were positioned as far apart as was possible. We had to walk past the annoying barking dogs, past the big stable and past the farmer Jo’s house.
         It was interesting seeing these things from the other side of the fence. Things always seem bigger and brighter when you see them up closer and without fences blocking your view.
         We finally reached the gate and Sophie didn’t bit the hinges of it, but instead carefully stepped through the electric fences! Was there anything that could stop her going where she wanted to go?!
         I was very hesitant to follow her, but eventually Sophie coaxed me to step one hoof between the fence wires, bob my head through the other side, and let the rest of my body follow the trail my head set before it. It worked until I had both hind legs stuck in the laneway. Sophie instructed me to kick until both my troublesome legs came through, but since I was not very confident in this sort of thing, I hardly kicked high enough, which sent an electric jolt through my body. That was enough to send my legs working properly! I was at last through the fence.
         I hadn’t before realised that all the other foals were watching us.  I felt a little clumsy and foolish for getting stuck in a fence, but I felt better knowing that most foals would never have attempted such a feat, well, except for Sophie.
         “Hello Sophie and Jilla,” said Fiona
         “Wow, you’re so brave to climb through the electric fence,” admired Pippin
         “Well, I probably, would have done better, you know since I am far more coordinated,” bragged Benjamin.
         “Yeah-right!” said Yarra as she nipped him, “You could even trip over your own hooves, you’re that clumsy.”
         Benjamin didn’t say anything more, thankfully. I knew Sophie had little patience for Benjamin’s bragging, and I didn’t want another fight.
         “Jilla, how nice to see that you could come to,” said Fiona again. Fiona was a lot like her Clydesdale Dam, Blossom. She was always friendly and kind hearted. She was also the tallest foal in Schleich farm, but a gentle giant.
         After a little more questions and praise, Yarra told us the latest happenings of this side of the paddock.
         “Did you know that Mabel had a colt a few days ago?” asked Yarra. We replied we did not.
         “He is brown, and looks more like his Dam then Tinker. He’s name is Aaron, and he is Mabel’s first colt, she is so proud of him, Mumma says that she is sick of his name.”
         Yarra chatted on and on. She was also like her Dam Hannah the pony. She had a chatty breezy style of talking, and wasn’t afraid of letting anyone know her opinion. She was also very short. She looked like a minuter horse standing next to Fiona. Yarra was Sophie’s best friend. 

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