Friday, May 6, 2011

My family and Schleich farm

My owner was Farmer Jo (as we all called him) he used to live in Germany (that’s why the name of the farm sounds German).  He was old, bald and overweight. Farmer Jo would always get around the place on a horse-and-cart. He cared for all us horses like we were his own children. Jack (his farm hand) also helped care for us with lots of love and affection.
                    My Dam’s (mother’s) name was Beauty, and she was a beautiful bay Hanoverian with a blaze that ran down her nose. She was pretty, patient, kind, wise and the best mother a foal could ever dream of.  I was her only foal. But to most people and horses mother was known as a famous show jumping horse.
          My Sire’s (Father’s) name was Prince and he was a proud, strong, elegant, Lipizzaner stallion. He was a very protectful sire and stallion. But something in his eyes tolled me he wasn’t completely happy being in a paddock, even though he had always lived with humans. He had the making of a great stallion in the wild, with qualities of cunning, strength, leadership, perseverance and courage.         
          As for me I am brown with a chocolate colour mane, four white stockings and a diamond shaped star on my forehead.
          Prince has only two mares, and the other stallion (Tinker) has all the other mares. Prince’s mares are my mother and Annie (a Lipizzaner also). Prince’s foals are Annie’s foal Sophie: a cheeky black filly and me. Prince had lots of other foals from Annie, but they all were sold.       
          We lived in a paddock separate to the other horses since Prince and Tinker would fight if they lived together.
          Tinker’s herd included Liz, a black and white Gypsy vanner horse who was the alpha mare and her son Benjamin; Mabel, the shy white mare who was in foal; April, a friendly brown mare who always shared the latest gossip with Blossom, the easy going, kind- hearted Clydesdale who had a palomino foal at foot named Fiona. There was Hannah the pony with her gorgeous new foal Yarra and Katie the Knabstupper, who was the newest mare in the herd and in foal.
I often thought that Schleich farm had the most breeds than any other horse stud, although I could never figure out why. Nearly every foal (except Sophie and Benjamin) was crossbreeds.     


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