Monday, May 9, 2011

Foaling around

Sophie and I would sneak through a break in the fence to play with the other foals. We formed a club together, only foals could be members. At first Prince didn’t like me and Sophie playing with Benjamin, Fiona, Pippin (April’s foal) and Yarra, but my mother convinced him that we both needed more friends so he agreed on one condition that we never run into Tinker.
          One morning we went to play with the other foals. Sophie was always the leader, Benjamin (or Benny as he preferred) had often fought Sophie over position but amazingly Sophie always won, Benny had the advantage of being a colt, being older, bigger and stronger, but Sophie had learnt how to fight from Prince, our sire, who was an expert fighter.
          We first played tag and ‘who can go the closest to the electric fence without being bitten’ and chased wallabies until they were too tired to run any more so by then we were too tired to do any more running games.  
           “What will we do now Sophie,” asked Pippin who obviously admired Sophie more then any other foal but was too shy to say much.
          “Well…. let’s play hide-and-seek” Sophie said carelessly. Benny snorted loudly “that’s such a filly’s game” he said rudely “any colt wouldn’t ever play hide-and-seek, you’re not like a colt at all, just a dumb filly.” Sophie hated nothing more then being called a dumb filly. I saw her shake with fury and then with her teeth bared and ears pinned back, she pounced on Benny.


Lauren said...

Just in case you were wondering, I have put this post in larger print so it is easier to read.

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks so much for the post, it's awesome. I have decided what you are going to be when you grow up, either a writer, or a horse rider. Would you ever consider either of those professions?

Talk soon. Have you got my message/e-mails yet. I will try to phone again tonigh.

love you,

Izi : )

Lauren said...

Thanks Izi!

I'd LOVE to be a writer or a horse rider, but unfortunatly, I don't think horse riding is a job ( :

I haven't got your emails yet, it really strange, because I have been getting other emails.

I'd love to speak to you tonight, but our new phone is attached to the wall, it's so annoying! Anyway, we can still speak.

Lauren xo

Holly said...


Anonymous said...

Hey lauren!
I'm hosting a giveaway at the moment! Please come and check it out!!!

P.S. The story is really cool! B)

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Umm, yeah, sorry, but I haven't actually been sending THAT many e-mails, though I just sent one a minute ago.

Thanks so much for the reply to my comment, I love getting replies.

I'm sure that you could ride a horse in the olympics or something. I know it would take a lot of hard work, but I know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind on. Or you could teach horse riding. My cousin is actually a horse physio!

How annoying, having your phone attatched to the wall. Is that just temporary or permanant. However, I would still really like to speak to you. Hey, check you e-mails, I have something there for you - I just hope that it came through.

Ok, chat soon,
Izi xoxo

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