Which of the foals from Jilla are you most like? Take the quiz below to find out.

1 - Your favourite hobby is...

(a) Athletics.

(b) Many things, although I love being the leader of activities.

(c) Debating, well, arguing in general.

(d) Chatting, gossiping, sharing the latest news with all my friends.

(e) Being a kind and thoughtful friend.

(f) I enjoy being part of anything going on, as long as I don't have to talk to people I don't know well.

2 - Which best describes your hair...

(a) Brown.

(b) Black.

(c) Short.

(d) Blonde.

(e) Thick.

(f) Reddish brown.

3 - Your family would describe you as...

(a)  Reserved, but sweet and very loving.

(b) Outgoing, confident and a born leader.

(c) A bit clumsy, but you try hard to impress your peers.

(d) Gorgeous, witty, sparkling, and good humoured.

(e) Caring, kind and a great friend.

(f) Encouraging.

4 - You faults are...  

(a) I am shy and I don't naturally trust people who are different.

(b) I can be hot-headed and bossy.

(c) I'm sometimes foolish and I like stirring trouble.

(d) I am a bit too vain, and I like to gossip.

(e) I don't persevere and can be a bit lazy.

(f) I am timid, shy and more a follower than a leader.

5 - Which describes best the way you overcome problems...

(a) I keep trying until I succeed.

(b) I get frustrated about the problem, and then blame it on other people.

(c) Act now, think about it later.

(d) Ask the opinion or advise from someone else.

(e) Thinking isn't my strong point, but I'd try anything to get it over with, as soon as possible.

(f) I try to run away from problems.


Give yourself...

1 point for every 'a'.
2 points for every 'b'.
3 points for every 'c'.
4 points for every 'd'.
5 points for every 'e'.
6 points for every 'f'.

If you scored..

5 - 9 you are Jilla!

Jilla is reserved and quiet. And she had to learn to trust people, but she is a very special, loving friend to have. Jilla has perseverance and courage. She set herself a dream and tried 100% to reach it! Her true character is like a jewel, that can only revealed through watching her life.

10 - 13 you are Sophie!

Sophie is confident, sometimes bossy and a bit of a tom-boy. She is naturally a leader. Unfortunately Sophie can be a bit hot-headed, but she attracts friends, and she is popular. Sophie is talented at many things and is smart. She can also be cheeky. Sophie is outgoing and doesn't get easily embarrassed. A lot of her friends admire her. 

14 - 17 you are Benny!

Quick to speak and a little foolish, is Benny and probably you. He likes stirring trouble, but if it turns into a fight, he relys on a parent or an adult to get him out of it. Benny will try to do anything anyone else can, only he thinks he can do it better. On the whole though, Benny is a nice person to get to know.

18 - 22 you are Yarra!

Yarra is gorgeous, witty and knows how to be popular among her peers. Sometimes she can be vain and think too much about outward appearance. Yarra's grace and charm is enough to make all her friends adore her. She is not athletic, but trys to be a good sport anyway.

23 - 26 you are Fiona!

Fiona is kind, caring and a bit mothering. She generally cares about her friends, and is as loyal as a friend comes. Fiona finds making friends easy and is her greatest desire to be a better friend. Fiona likes to touch the lives around her. Her fault is that she is not very persevering, so she doesn't set herself high goals. She isn't academic either.

27 - 30 you are Pippin!

Encouraging, shy and timid? You are like Pippin. She fears meeting and talking to new people, and is completely dependant on her parents and friends. Pippin relies too much on her friends opinions, and gives in to peer - pressure. She is very encouraging and is a treasured and valued part of any group.


I hope you have enjoyed this quiz. Please don't hesitate to comment to tell me what you think. Also, remember to vote your quiz results on the poll, or choose Beauty or Prince if you relate to them more then your quiz result.


Lauren said...

Sorry about the spaces between the photo's and the writing. I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, but it is being very stubborn! If anyone has any advice, I'd much appreciate it ( :

Lauren said...

I actually did this quiz and I scored...


Although, the quiz is not perfect, so take your results with a grain of salt, because you results won't be completely accurate. There are quiet a few difference's between Fiona and I.

Eloise said...

I did the quiz,
I'm Yarra!
Eloise xxxx

Hannah Leake said...

I got Fiona! It was actually fairly accurate in some respects. ;) Especially the part about not being academic. ;) Haha! That was right on!
Love your blog, by the way! Its the first time of visiting your blog. Your welcome to visit mine. ;)

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