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Welcome to my blog Jilla

Some of you may ask, why name it Jilla? I will explain.

Jilla is the name of my novel I'm working on. This blog won't be a usual blog about my life, but a blog combinding to of my hobbies - horses and story writing. You guessed it, the blog is about my horsey novel 'Jilla'. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. 
The story of Jilla is about a famous show jumping horse in the Olympics. 
The story is fiction, and written in 1st person (or should I say horse?), so it is from Jilla's point of view. 
It is a story showing her trials and triumphs to reach her goal. It is really a story of perseverence and overcomming trials.

This story is dedicated to my two beautiful horses, Bobby and Beauty, for teaching me to ride and teaching me how wonderful and special the human/horse relationship can be. 

From Lauren 

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Hello friends, this is me, Jilla.

   Here is a little bit about me...

              I am a Hanoverian cross Lipizzaner filly.

               I am shy, thoughtful, gentle and caring.

                      I adore my family and I am really talented at jumping.

                I am the complete opposite to my half-sister Sophie, who is a tom-colt, outgoing, cheeky, confident and a little bit dominate.
               I enjoy solitude and spending time with my mother Beauty.

         My dream is to be just like her a be a successful show jumping horse.

                      To find out more about me, follow this blog and read about my life's journey.

                   From Jilla

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