Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The frosty morning walks...

Emily visited me every morning and afternoon. She also rode me often, so I wasn’t too lonely. She told me much about her life in those winter morning walks.

“I was born with this leg Jilla, doctors can’t say why, and it’s never going to get better. I want to represent Tasmania in eventing one day. Because riding is the only thing I’m any good at. My last horse was big and won a lot of small competitions, but he was lazy and had no interest in the sport. Catching him became a nuisance, and I never trusted him. I couldn’t fully control him, that’s why we bought you.”
I remember clearly the early morning frost that would bite me and make Emily’s nose and cheeks go red, her blonde hair was often hid under a woolen scarf. Her breath would come out as visible vapors of air. We would walk this way down the paddock, Emily leading me with a rope, to the end of their boundary where she would stand and wait for her school bus. If Emily was late she would tie the lead rope at both ends to my halter and ride me bareback using the rope as reins. I would canter quickly, and she never lost her balance slightly. When school was over, Emily would call me and we would do the same routine back to the house.
One day, when I’d been in my new home for a week, the routine changed. Emily wasn’t there in the morning. Panicked and shocked, I neighed and whinnied near the house hoping that she would hear me. Emily did come, and wasn’t particularly impressed with my carrying on. She was dressed in a furry pink thing called a dressing gown, and her hair was not done up in the way she usually did it for school.

         “Jilla, today’s Saturday. I’m not walking to the bus stop. See you later.”
I heard Mr Sanders talking in the house, “you know Em, that horse almost understands English.” I snorted; did he think I was stupid?
I had never heard of weekends before. Farmer Jo worked everyday, and if he was away Jack was always there.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Two New Blogs

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My friend Ebony and I have started a new blog...

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This is a blog about friendship, photo-shoots, our favourite things and other Ebby-and-Lauren things we like to do. We started it up mainly for fun. I hope you find it intresting.

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I have started up a more personal blog...

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Of course I will still be writing Jilla. This is a blog of my ponderings, thoughts, opionions and worldview. It is a bit of an online diary. If any of you followers are intrested in getting to know the Lauren behind the Jilla screen, I would recommend following this blog.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Home...

It was when Mr Sanders announced that he would buy me the realisation hit that I was leaving Schleich farm forever. I wandered over to where I could see Prince and Sophie and I called good-bye to them. Sophie threw her now-grey head up, and replied. Prince reared; neighed and looked me right in the eye. I caught the melancholy note in his good-bye; he was saying good-bye to the last bit of Beauty. Now all he had was a memory.
I looked over to the remains of the barn where my best friend and mother died. I softly nickered good-bye to that too. But leaving was not as hard as I once thought it would be. The most precious thing Schleich farm had was already taken from me. I had learned that partings were natural in life. And the end in in one thing was only the beginning of another.
As we drove out of Schleich farm, I reflected upon the memories I had from that closed chapter of my life.   

“Honey, what will you call your horse?” Asked Mrs Sanders, while they were unloading me from the float.

“I like the name she already has, Jilla.”
“Don’t you want a name that sounds impressive, like champion or something?” Replied Mr Sanders.
“No, I think Jilla suits her, it’s unique, and there’s something sweet about the name, it’s unimpressive, but she isn’t really an impressive looking horse, that’s not why I wanted her.”
“I still think you’re making a mistake sweetie, are you sure that this is the right horse.”
“Yes, we understand each other.”

Mr Sanders looked at his wife with a ‘yeah-right’ slightly puzzled expression. “No, I thought to myself, he wouldn’t understand”.
Emily took me lead and lead me to my new home. She whispered words of comfort and understanding in my right ear. She vowed that she would love me forever and look after me. I didn’t need her to tell me that, because I knew she would. I nudged her shoulder in response.

My new home was lovely. The Sanders owned fifty acres of lush, green, rolling hills. The farm was filled with sparkling streams. The Sanders were a wealthy family, I could tell by the large house, swimming pool, and this beautiful place.
I instantly noticed the stillness and quietness this place had. As far as I could see, I was the only animal. Emily’s father wasn't a farmer, becuase this wasn't a farm, it was a lifestyle property. I missed Sophie and Prince right then. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I watched as a family car approached the house. Out stepped an important looking man, his pretty wife, and their only child.

The girl was about sixteen. She had wavy blonde hair, innocent and hopeful blue eyes and pretty, soft features. Her freckles on her nose seemed as if each one was carefully designed  to belong right there. She was beautiful, and sort of, endearing.

But it was not her hair, eyes or face that I noticed first. Her left leg was twisted. She limped on it. I could almost sense all the pain and bulling she had endured over her life. And at that instant she looked right up at my eyes, a small smile hinted at her lips. I could sense some eternal bond we shared. I just knew that I would live and die for her.  We both seemed to know we needed each other.

Emily rode me around the mini-jumping course Jack had set up. We moved as one and sailed over every jump. Emily did test my dressage abilities, and although not perfect, they were my very best. I was never too confused, Emily just communicated with me so well I knew what she wanted me to do.

She didn’t ride me for much longer, Emily just knew I was right. Convincing her parents though, was another matter, but even they realised that their daughter had never been so happy in her life before. And her happiness was something they greatly sacrificed for. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farewell Dearest Shadow

We said goodbye to our beloved Shadow last Saturday. We had her for thirteen years, she was more then a pet, she was a member of our family. 

Dear God,
Thank you for blessing us with Shadow, we know we had to let her go, she was in pain and suffering,  and we know that she has gone to a better place.  

Thank you for blessing us with such a loyal dog, she knew her duty was to look after us, and she did just that. She was always selfless and had a servant heart. We'll never forget how she would follow us everywhere, even though she was so scared of strangers. We couldn't even stop her from coming to preschool with us.  She was a shadow, she shadowed us wherever we went. 

She was so very clever, Shadow could be taught how to only step her two front paws in the house, she just loved our company. God, I'll always remember how she loved visiting our farm, even though Shadow was scared silly of the cows. 

She loved her friends dearly God, I know she's happy now seeing Warragoil and Sebastian, I remember how she morned their departure from this life. When we first bought Panda home, she accepted him, even though he was a cat. 

Something I learnt from Shadow is how to be joyful, no matter what the circumstances were, she was happy with her life, even near the end, when she was in pain. I just loved her so much.  

Dear Lord, please can you give Shadow a special hug, and whether you give dogs rewards in heaven or not, I don't know, but if you do, there's no dog that's ever lived that would deserve it as much as Shadow does. Amen.

Dearest Shadow, there is no way to truly describe how much you meant to the family, how much you meant to me. We all miss you very much, thank you for the service you gave this family, we will never forget you. I love you forever, 

Monday, October 22, 2012

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

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