Friday, February 1, 2013

Two New Blogs

(Drum Roll)...

My friend Ebony and I have started a new blog...

Click HERE to visit

This is a blog about friendship, photo-shoots, our favourite things and other Ebby-and-Lauren things we like to do. We started it up mainly for fun. I hope you find it intresting.

(note - there isn't really any posts yet, next week we plan on doing a photo shoot for our first proper post.) 

I have started up a more personal blog...

Click HERE to visit
Of course I will still be writing Jilla. This is a blog of my ponderings, thoughts, opionions and worldview. It is a bit of an online diary. If any of you followers are intrested in getting to know the Lauren behind the Jilla screen, I would recommend following this blog.

 Well there you have it, two new blogs to check out.


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