Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Home...

It was when Mr Sanders announced that he would buy me the realisation hit that I was leaving Schleich farm forever. I wandered over to where I could see Prince and Sophie and I called good-bye to them. Sophie threw her now-grey head up, and replied. Prince reared; neighed and looked me right in the eye. I caught the melancholy note in his good-bye; he was saying good-bye to the last bit of Beauty. Now all he had was a memory.
I looked over to the remains of the barn where my best friend and mother died. I softly nickered good-bye to that too. But leaving was not as hard as I once thought it would be. The most precious thing Schleich farm had was already taken from me. I had learned that partings were natural in life. And the end in in one thing was only the beginning of another.
As we drove out of Schleich farm, I reflected upon the memories I had from that closed chapter of my life.   

“Honey, what will you call your horse?” Asked Mrs Sanders, while they were unloading me from the float.

“I like the name she already has, Jilla.”
“Don’t you want a name that sounds impressive, like champion or something?” Replied Mr Sanders.
“No, I think Jilla suits her, it’s unique, and there’s something sweet about the name, it’s unimpressive, but she isn’t really an impressive looking horse, that’s not why I wanted her.”
“I still think you’re making a mistake sweetie, are you sure that this is the right horse.”
“Yes, we understand each other.”

Mr Sanders looked at his wife with a ‘yeah-right’ slightly puzzled expression. “No, I thought to myself, he wouldn’t understand”.
Emily took me lead and lead me to my new home. She whispered words of comfort and understanding in my right ear. She vowed that she would love me forever and look after me. I didn’t need her to tell me that, because I knew she would. I nudged her shoulder in response.

My new home was lovely. The Sanders owned fifty acres of lush, green, rolling hills. The farm was filled with sparkling streams. The Sanders were a wealthy family, I could tell by the large house, swimming pool, and this beautiful place.
I instantly noticed the stillness and quietness this place had. As far as I could see, I was the only animal. Emily’s father wasn't a farmer, becuase this wasn't a farm, it was a lifestyle property. I missed Sophie and Prince right then. 


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