Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I watched as a family car approached the house. Out stepped an important looking man, his pretty wife, and their only child.

The girl was about sixteen. She had wavy blonde hair, innocent and hopeful blue eyes and pretty, soft features. Her freckles on her nose seemed as if each one was carefully designed  to belong right there. She was beautiful, and sort of, endearing.

But it was not her hair, eyes or face that I noticed first. Her left leg was twisted. She limped on it. I could almost sense all the pain and bulling she had endured over her life. And at that instant she looked right up at my eyes, a small smile hinted at her lips. I could sense some eternal bond we shared. I just knew that I would live and die for her.  We both seemed to know we needed each other.

Emily rode me around the mini-jumping course Jack had set up. We moved as one and sailed over every jump. Emily did test my dressage abilities, and although not perfect, they were my very best. I was never too confused, Emily just communicated with me so well I knew what she wanted me to do.

She didn’t ride me for much longer, Emily just knew I was right. Convincing her parents though, was another matter, but even they realised that their daughter had never been so happy in her life before. And her happiness was something they greatly sacrificed for. 


Cassie said...

Awesome! It's really coming along!

Cassie xoxoxo

*Lizzie* said...

Very neat! I like it!!!! <3

*Lizzie* said...

Hey Lauren! Just read your comment on my blog :) Thank you so much btw. It made my week to see I had a comment especially when I saw it was from you :)
Anyway, to reply to your comment:
Seriously?! You've never had snow?! Or seen any?!!!?! That is a bummer.:/ where do you live?
Merry Christmas, girl! Hope it is a blessed one for you and your family! <3 God bless!

Lauren said...

Hi Lizzie

I love in Australia, Queensland.

Come to think of it, on our holiday to Tasmania years ago I did see snow while we were leaving the area. It was really softly snowing (so you could only faintly see snow falling). It was in sunmmer though.

But I haven't seen snow-on-the-ground type of snow.

Thank you for commenting back, I also love receiving comments, especially from you :D

Merry Christmas for yesterday!

Love Lauren

Lauren said...

Opps! I meant live ( :

*Lizzie* said...

Hello! Thank you again for commenting on my newest post :) you are super sweet to comment and make my day! ;)
I loveeee Jeremiah 29:11. It is one of my favorite verses too! It goes along with the new year so well.
I know we all sometimes feel like when there is pain in our life it's practically "the end of the world" for us. But I love how God tells us in His Word that He has a plan in the pain or our storms! He doesn't make us go through it just to watch us suffer but He does it lovingly. To strengthen us to draw us closet to Himself...love that verse! Thanks for sharing :) God bless!
A servant 4 Christ,

*Lizzie* said...

Hey again! Lol sorry I'm just filling your comment inbox with ramblings :)
Anyway, first off before I forget I loveeee your header! So beautiful!

Anyway I just saw your comment on my other post! (THANK YOU!!!) I rarely get comments and it feels like a lot of the time people don't even read it anymore :/ so thank you!
Okay, sorry, I'm rambling again :) (I do it a lot)
Yes! I totally agree about the Hobbit! Too much scary and grouse things in it for my cup of tea :)
Yes! I was totally thinking the same! I don't know if I want to see The Lord of the Rings now because it's worse (so my family tells me). We DO have a lot in common ;)
Yep! You read my mind there too ;) I seriously told my sister I would stick with Narnia instead
:) Great minds think alike!

Btw, do you email by chance? I would loveeee to email each other! :D

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