Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sophie's fight

Sophie fought like anything, kicking, squealing, snorting, bighting, pouncing. I don’t believe stallions could fight any better.
          From the far side of the fence I saw Prince watch her with a very proud look in his eye. From the other side of the paddock, Liz (Benny’s dam) cantered across, she looked very annoyed.
          “Benny,” she neighed “stop that right now.”
          Poor Benny couldn’t go to his mother, no matter how much he wanted to; Sophie had him truly beaten, but still unmercifully flogged him. I also knew that if the fight was the other way round and Benny was winning, Liz would let him keep fighting, and then later tell him how proud she was of him.
          When Liz realized her dear little Benny couldn’t walk away she called for Tinker.          
          Tinker swiftly cantered towards his favourite mare. It didn’t take him to long to see what the problem was. Tinker was also furious that Sophie (who was a filly and above all, Prince’s daughter) was definitely winning against Benny, his son, whom he had trained to fight. I saw Tinker breath heavily, and then let out a terrible cry.
          Back then I didn’t know what the problem was between Prince and Tinker, but I knew that they both held a grudge against each other.
          Tinker kicked Sophie and then threw her back with his teeth. Prince quickly came to put a stop Tinker’s violence. Prince’s mane flowed and danced in the wind as he swiftly cantered to the crime scene, as I watched him I felt very proud of him being my Sire.
          He gave Tinker a big blow (using his hooves) and spoke to him through clenched teeth.
          “Tinker how dare you touch my foal. If I ever see you again treating any foal, mine or yours, like that again I’ll give you a beating you will never forget.”
          Tinker looked at Prince sheepishly (since Prince looked very frightening) and then trotted back to the rest of his herd as he knew it was not worth it to fight.


Izi said...

"To be a well-flavoured man is the gift of fortune, but to write or read comes by nature."

- William Shakespear

Anonymous said...

THe STory IS GOing SO WEll!!!! THanks SO MUch FOr ENtering MY GIveaway!!! :) I REally HOpe I GEt SOme MOre FOllowers THrough THe GIveaway!!! :):):)


P.S. I WIll FInd YOu ANother FOllower, SO YOu CAn MAke IT TO TEn FOllowers!!!

Julie said...

Cute blog..... I like your story!!!

Lauren said...

Thank you Izi and Bri for all the positive comments you guys post! I Love ya!

Anonymous said...

10!!! YAY!!!
Nice work! ;)

book blogger said...

You have a neat blog!

BEx said...

Hi Lauren,

I love creating blog buttons, but I am happy to give you the html and things that I use, so that you can design your own. Let me know via email.


BEx said...

P.S. I read that you wanted a blog button on another blog. Ha ha ha:)

Lauren said...

Yeah, I remember writing that on another blog, BEx!

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