Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flashbacks - The 1st part of my story!

My heart raced as they called my name. Emily rubbed my shoulder and said nothing. She didn't need to. I could understand her.

I could feel her legs wobbling on my sides. She shifted her body weight forward and clicked her tongue. I moved forward.

I could hear the roar of the crowed, I could see the flashes of cameras. I could feel the world watching me. Then suddenly I felt an excitement surge through my body, pumping through my veins. This was the biggest moment of my life.

As we rode out into the arena flashbacks of my life came back to me...

I was born on Schleich farm Tasmania, Australia. I can remember the beautiful green hills silhouetted against the clear blue sky, and the taste of clean fresh air. And the perfume of sweet flowers could make you think you were in paradise.

Tasmania also had a ruggard beauty you would see in the bleak winter days, where snow would fall from heaven on top of snow. Horses would rely on each other to keep warm, or be lucky enough to be placed in a barn with sweet smelling hay used to insulate us horses from the bitter cold.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story.

From Lauren


Holly said...

Wow! That sounds great! I didn't know you started a blog! You should've told me : )
It's beautiful (hence the vote for your blog being beautiful!) and I think you've done a great job.
Love Holly xoxo

Lauren said...

Thank you!

I did try to tell you, but the email must of not worked.

Glad you like it.

Izi said...

I LOVE IT WITH A PASSION! Are you going to get it published? That would be soooo cool!

love you, Izi : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!

I have just posted about your blog on mine!!! Hopefully you get heaps more followers!!

Bri xoxo

P.S. Hi Izi if you want to take a look at my blog just go to this address:
Hope you like it! =)

Alice said...

Hi Lauren!
WOW, that is AMAZING!! You have an amazing talent there. :) Have you written much more of your novel?
I {LOVE} horses too, I just wish I knew how to ride one! Hehehe :P
Your blog is amazing.
God Bless,
Alice <3

Rebecca said...

Wow! This is amazing!
You're a great writer! I look forward to reading the rest.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your going so well! Love the story!!! 8 followers already!! Cool! :)

Bri xxx

Lauren said...

Thank you Alice and Rebecca!

I'm not really a good writer, I just do it for fun.

Do you have a blog Rebecca? I'll try to follow you if you do.

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