Thursday, May 5, 2011


The story of Jilla is about a famous show jumping horse in the Olympics.

The story is fiction, and written in 1st person (or should I say horse?), so it is from Jilla's point of view.

It is a story showing her trials and triumphs to reach her goal. It is really a story of perseverence and overcomming trials.


Izi said...

hi lauren, sorry this comment has to be so short. i can only type with one hand because the other one is either fractured or broken or something. will tell about that later though.

love the post. i will so look forward to reading your story. am excited.

izi xxxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting!! I love your background!! :) where did you get it from?

Bri xoxoxoxoxoxo

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

I think you've already read the first part of my story before (on emails). But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Thank you anyway!

Lauren said...

Hi Bri

I got the backround from this really cool website (Izi gave it to me) - www.thecutestblogontheblock

Check it out. It has some really cool backrounds (not that your blog backround isn't cool, you really don't need to change it)

Izi said...

Ooh, and Lauren - I didn't send you the address for the background just becaue I didn't think your background wasn't cool. I actually hadn't looked at your blog yet.

Your background is cool though, and I will enjoy the story.

Love, Izi : )

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