Monday, August 8, 2011

Sophie's Idea...

“JILLA” Sophie yelled. It was in the afternoon and I had been lazily grazing. I had only just realised that she was talking to me.
         “Sorry Sophie, I wasn’t listening.”
 Sophie snorted, and then nipped me.
“That was kinda obvious,” She haughtily replied, “Mum, Beauty and Prince are snoozing, and I’m so bored. I haven’t visited the other foals in such a long time, are you coming with me?”
         Still half asleep myself, I had no idea exactly what Sophie was asking me to do.
         “Can you please explain more clearly” I meekly replied, since I knew about Sophie’s short temper.
         Exasperated, Sophie said “Well, do you want to help me escape this paddock, and visit our friends? I’m leaving now whether you are coming or not.”
         “Why do you want me to come with you this time? You have never asked me before.” I enquired.
         “Because… I just do. You are my half-sister aren’t you?” Sophie answered back.
         I didn’t like the idea, but I didn’t want to be left behind. I knew Sophie tried these ‘escape’ plans often, and she was always popular with other foals for doing so.
                  “Oh, come on you big chicken!” Sophie taunted. I then made up my mind.
         “Ok Sophie, I’ll come, as long as we head back when I want to. I don’t want to get in trouble.
         Sophie assured me that I wouldn’t get into any trouble. So Sophie showed me the old gate that had rusty hinges.
         “Watch me,” Sophie said.
Sophie balanced on her hind legs while supporting her front legs on the fence post.  With her mouth she placed her lips over the hinges and biting them, she pulled them off. All she had to do now was push the gate open. She poked her nose through the gate, and pushed her way through it. There was now a big enough gap for me to walk through it. 


Lauren said...

Just a quick note: Please vote on my poll! I'd really like to se what audience I'm getting (:

Thanks (:

~Lauren xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!

About the poll, i would vote but it seems to be closed! maybe you could re-open it?


Can you email me about the party? like how it went and what you did? I SO want to hear all about it!!! :)


~Briahna Clare

Anonymous said...

p.s. have you entered India's giveaway? It's the one i'm donating!!! :)

Lauren said...

Hi Bri

I've fixed the poll, and i'll email you soon with all the details about my party, I so which that you were there ):

Yes, I will enter really soon! (:

From Lauren xo

Anonymous said...

ok thanx ive voted

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