Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Jump...

My mind was jolted back to reality when I realised that Pippin and Sophie were slowing down their pace quite rapidly. I also noticed why. A huge log had fallen over our track! It was about 14 hands high! That is 140cm! I also realised that many of the mare’s from Tinker’s heard were watching us.
Sophie backed off and was now trotting. Pippin had stoped altogether. I had watched mother do this many times, I knew how to jump it, and I knew I could. I grew excited and slowed into a canter. I could feel all the horses watching me. I was nearly up to it.
I somehow knew what distance to jump from it and with one mighty leap, I pushed my powerful hindquarters of the earth and stretched my front legs over the hurdle. I let my heart go over the log, and my nose followed it. I felt as if I was flying, I was an amazing experience. I felt my hooves touch the grass on the other side. I suddenly knew that no matter what, I had to follow my new dream and ambition to be just like my Dam and get into the jumping industry.
I felt bliss, and then triumph, and then sheer joy. It was a memory that I’ll take with me for the rest of my days, one that I’ll never forget, my first jump. 


Lauren said...

Sorry this post is short. I will post some more in a fortnight. Next week is a book review (:

From Lauren

Izi said...


Good post. Looking forward to next week's book review.

Izi :)

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