Monday, December 26, 2011

My Wild Sister...

As I predicted, Sophie started her training a month after I had started. Jack came into out paddock one day with a small halter and lead rope. He went straight past me and was carefully approaching Sophie. I watched breathlessly. Sophie saw this out of the corner of her eye and stood with her side towards the approaching human. Jack edged his way closer and closer to his target until he was only a couple of metres away from Sophie’s black, arched neck. Jack, even more cautiously, made his way closer to Sophie.
It was a bad mistake. As soon as he was in reach of my wild sister, she rose above him on her hind legs, and gave one tremendous blow with her forelegs. Jack was thrown back onto his behind; frustrated he muttered something unpleasant, and tried again.
This time Sophie turned around and was ready to buck. Jack saw this and walked around to her other side. She swerved around and faced Jack. Sophie let him catch her. I was amazed until I saw the cheeky gleam in her eye. Sophie briskly trotted in front of Jack and then backed up until she was level with Jack, but on the other side of him. Jack seemed to not notice that the lead rope was dangling in front of him, perhaps he was thrilled to have actually caught Sophie, or so he thought.
Then she started to back up until she was behind Jack. With one quick swift movement, Sophie raced in front of Jack, which tightened the rope around him and made him fall flat on his face.
         As he got up, he muttered things even more unpleasant and walked away. Sophie had defiantly won her battle.


Lauren said...

I am going on holidays until the 8th of January, so I won't be able to reply to comments until then ( :

Leah Mays said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation...!

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