Monday, December 19, 2011


I obeyed my mother; slowly and timidly walked to Jack; let him put the halter over my head and walk me out of the yard.
He seemed very surprised to see me first gallop away from the sight of him, and then let him walk me out of my paddock. He later told Farmer Jo, how the Hanoverian Mare stopped her foal from bolting, and made her walk towards her capturer.
Jack soothingly talked to me and them started groom my brown coat. I stopped shaking and trembling, and got used to him touching me. I even learnt to enjoy it.
         Week after week this would be the usual routine. I would wait at the gate around 3pm Thursday, and would be greeted by a carrot and then Jack would groom me.
         Sophie would tease me for enjoying the company of humans and insist that I should try to become boss, and run away while I was being groomed. I would just whiney, nip her and tell her that it was her turn to be broken in next.
         After a month I could be lead around the farm, learn to come when I was called and be thoroughly groomed without trying to avoid the brush. This surprised the humans and horses alike. I was known as a timid and shy foal, so as you can imagine this was not expected from me, except from Mother.        


*Lizzie* said...

Great post!
To your comment on my blog: I'm so glad you like all my polls on my blog! ;) If you didn't notice but I kinda copied your idea with the poll of personality :) I know yours is a bit different but I kinda copied the idea of the "loving, caring and wise" and all those :) Haha! Hope you don't mind ;)

Lauren said...

Hi Lizzy

I did realise about your poll, but I was so thrilled that you liked my poll idea, that I really didn't mind at all! I was also pleased that you felt you didn't have to ask about it, I like people feeling that they can borrow my idea's without asking.


*Lizzie* said...

Oh okay! I'm glad you understand that I was NOT trying to steal your idea ;) haha! I would never want to do that! i'm glad you're happy I used the idea though :)

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