Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother's Legacy...

I knew these mares weren’t trying to be too critical (I knew them well enough to know they never meant any harm to anyone) but the comments just shattered me.
I felt as if I finally was woken up from the unconsciousness of denial and was fully awake and aware of the situation I was in. I felt unbearable emotions well up inside me, and before I could control it, I was whinnying and screaming out for mother. 
         Prince heard me and ran to my aid. “Jilla, hush, that won’t make her come back,” said Prince. But his words had no impact. I really didn’t care, all I wanted to do was scream.
Prince stood beside me, not saying anything just comforting me by being there, I had never felt so close to him before.  
The rest of the day I cried and thought a lot about my ambition for life. I vowed that I would never loose sight of the goal I worked so hard for, the one Mother inspired. 
I remembered the sweet memories of jumping together, it was somehow binding, and somehow even now when I jump, I feel close to her, it was a legacy she passed down and a passion we both shared, one I will never forget. 

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Holly said...

well done!
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