Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jilla Wizz Quiz!

Welcome to the Jilla Wizz Quiz!

How well do you think know Jilla?

This quiz is to to celebrate and end my first blog-aniversary week.

The winner of the quiz wins this beautiful necklace made and donated by Sarah


1 - Follow Jilla 
2 - Follow Isla Creations
3  - Anwser as many questions as you can in a comment. I will then delete your comment, so no one can cheat.
4 - Wait until I post the results announcing the winner of the quiz.
5 - If you win, email Sarah with your mailing address details, so she can send you your prize.     

Entries close on the 1st of June. I will write a post with all the correct answers and reveal the winner of the quiz. 
Good luck, and have fun!

Let the quiz begin!


  1. How many book reviews are there on this blog?
  2. Which state was Jilla born?
  3. Who is this blog dedicated to?
  4. What breed is Jilla?
  5. Which is the most popular post?
  6. Prince had the making of a stallion in the_____, with all the qualities of_____,_____,_____,_____ and _____ (1 point for each blank) ?
  7. What was weirdest food Lauren ever ate?
  8. How high was Jilla's first jump?
  9. Sophie was well known for what? 
  10. What are the names of the foals in 'the club'?
  11. Is farmer Jo old or young? and where in Jilla do you get that impression from? 
  12. What was mother's advice?
  13. What riding style dose Lauren prefer?
  14. What is the opening sentence in Jilla?
  15. Dose Lauren have a phobia? If so, what of?
  16. How did Jilla get attention and praise in the chapter called attention and praise?
  17. What time of day is Lauren's favourite?
  18. Describe Annie (Sophie's Dam), using similar descriptions Lauren used.  
  19. How old was Beauty when she met Prince?  
  20. (no wrong answer question) Which character in Jilla best reflects Lauren's personality to you? For an extra point - explain your answer.


Big Sister said...

I know Lauren's phobia anyway. Lauren has a serious banana phobia- she goes ape if she sees one!

Big Sister said...

hee hee hee

Grace said...

Lauren said...

Hello grace
Do you follow Isla Creations?
And just in case you were wondering, you comment has not been deleated. I still have it, but i don't want others cheating any copying your anwsers.
Love lauren

Big Sister said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lauren said...

Hi Big Sister

I have deleted your comment, but as I've stated in the previous comment. I have saved your answers via draft post.

I asked Sarah about not following her blog, and that's fine, Sarah completely understands, and because you have a special reason, your entry still counts.

Good Luck!


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