Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Wonder of Horses ~ a guest post by Sarah

What is it about horses that makes us love them so? Why is it the horse that is first when we talk of creatures of great beauty and strength?
Maybe it is just the amazing grace that they have, or their wonderful speed.
Maybe it's the bond you can have, a bond so strong that you can ride bareback along a sandy beach together.
Some of us love the practical side of riding, as we learn new skills and improve our fitness, but this one thing is sure-that millions of people all over the world are in love with horses.

Who can't remember the first time they rode a horse? When your friend down the road, your horsey aunt or your first riding teacher took you to the paddock and showed him. He might have been sway backed, and in his furry coat, but he was so beautiful. He was a horse.
When they took you close to him, and you could stroke the soft hair, and feel his warm breath, heavy with the scent of apples and grass on your face. Then when you mounted for the first time, and felt as though you were sitting a mountain, high above the rest of the world. At the moment, Alexander the Great met his match. 
And when he slowly ambled forward, you saw the brightly painted jumps rushing towards you, the cattle running in a tight bunch before you, and the admiring gaze of your friends as you galloped away.
Maybe you forgot after that ride. Or maybe you remembered forever.
Then you love horses.

The beauty of horses, their grace in everything captures. To ride like you are part of your horse is many peoples's dream. To be able to sense danger, to save lives like they have done.
In both world wars, horses went with men to the front. They died alongside them, suffering as the men did, dying for them. They knew their pain like almost no others, and pulled the carts carrying lifelines for the men. Some men took several horse with them to war, and used them all.
Today they still care for people, carrying their burdens and working alongside them in some countries. Many disabled children ride and are lovingly cared for by their mounts.

The bonds that humans have with horses can be astounding. Some people can ride bareback and without bridles into the sunset. Others can control their horse with words or tiny aids.

When we grow up, we often forget that happiness is not found in riches, it's not found in being famous,  but in glorifying God and enjoying the amazing gifts He gave us. Like horses.

          About the writer:
Hi, I'm Sarah, and as you can tell, a lover of horses too! I'm a country girl who first rode at six, and now currently shares a beautiful shetland pony called Elvis with her siblings. I also lease a Welsh cob mare, with whom I'm working on show jumping and basic flat work. Creating anything and everything is another thing that I enjoy, such as bead work, painting, photography, and drawing. I am an avid reader, and love writing songs, Jesus Christ, anything moss green, licorice, writing, homeschooling and listening to music (especially Casting Crowns!) You can visit me at my blog, Isla Creations.
Thanks for letting me post Lauren!
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Lauren said...

Thank you so much Sarah!

Your post was absolutely beautiful!

Love Lauren

Big Sister said...

Love it! Horses are so amazing. There's nothing quite so... satisfying as riding them! :D

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