Sunday, June 5, 2011


He therefore decided that he would challenge Prince for the top position. They had a major fight. The humans tried to separate them, but they were powerless. All they could do was wait until it ended. So the Stallions continued
          After a while Tinker became really tired and lost the fight. He was badly injured and it took weeks for him to gain his full health. Prince had won, but Farmer Jo had other plans. As soon as he got back, he caught Prince and relocated him to another paddock with no other horses.
          Prince was humiliated; he had fought well, but gained nothing. I was upset too. I lost my appetite and continually called for him. Prince would always answer me back. Farmer Jo noticed this and moved me in the stable next to Prince’s paddock, so we could at least see each other. Tinker never forgot that day.
          A few weeks later a new mare arrived in Prince’s paddock, her name was Sugar. She was a beautiful palomino filly. She only stayed for a while since she was dry. She was sold to a 14-year-old boy who wanted an easy-going mare.
          Annie came along next. She was a gorgeous grey Lippizaner. She had a perfect trot and canter and she was as graceful as a wild doe.”
“She’s not anymore mama, I think you’re prettier,” I interrupted again.
“Darling please don’t interrupt. It is also rude to speak to Annie, your sister’s dam, in that way, she deserves respect. But it is true what you say. Annie isn’t as graceful as she used to be, and I’m not as pretty as I used to be, it comes with age my precious. Now let me continue. 
          I didn’t like her at all. I was often away at shows while she was with Prince. I was jealous.
          One day I broke into Prince’s paddock and fought Annie. I was very foolish.”


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