Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mother's story continued...

‘No your not mama’ I said enthusiastically. I could never imagine her to be foolish.
          My dear mother, who was looking slightly annoyed, nipped me gently.
          “Jilla please obey me when I ask you something. You are showing me disrespect.”
          I at once felt ashamed. I hated to make my mother disappointed. I told her that I was sorry and wouldn’t do it again, so Mother’s story continued once again.
          “Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember. I fought Annie with such a fury, everyone (including the humans) watched. All the horses knew me as a quite, shy, young mare who wouldn’t ever deliberately harm a fly much less a horse.
          All I can say is when it comes to love, even the nicest and shyest horses can do things unlike their usual character, but it certainly didn’t do me any favours.
          Prince saw what I was doing and wasn’t the least bit impressed. He fought me to stop me from harming Annie anymore and with his ears pinned back he sternly told me to get out of his paddock, and never come back.
          I was too proud (or foolish) to say I was wrong, but I knew I was. I slowly made my way out of his paddock, feeling that I had lost my heart. I was very sorry.
          Meanwhile Farmer Jo had decided that I was old enough to be broken in. I amazed everyone by my intelligence and willingness to do my best at all times. I was broken in very quickly and I was soon discovered to be talented at jumping.  Farmer Jo hired a young girl who had experience with show jumping to train me, so I could use my newly found talent.   
          I won many local show events and eventually got into the bigger state championships. I travelled all around Tasmania and I won many trophies and medals. I became famous in the Jumping industry, but I never forgot Prince.


Holly said...

Ohh, that's sad!
What's next?????

Grace said...

Nice story.
I love you creativity, like.... taking the photos of the
horses and turning it into a story, its really nice.

Feel free to have a look at my blog if you like.


Rebecca said...

Wow! This is awesome, I loved it.
You sure are a wonderful writer.
I also really enjoyed looking at all the horse pics you have on the side of your blog, so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should tell more about how she became famous? Or put in her thoughts about it? Something like "It was hard, but...." Maybe?????

Otherwise GREAT!!!!!

Cassie xoxoxo

Lauren said...

Sorry followers, new post coming soon!

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