Monday, September 19, 2011

Guilty Conscience...

Shortly after we decided to do something other then just talk. Sophie decided to have a race to the other side of the paddock.
         “Please Sophie, can we just play around here?” I nervously asked.
         “Why would we?” Sophie said, “when we can play around the whole paddock.”
         “PLEASE Sophie,” I whined, “we might wake our parents!”
         “You mean you came here without your mums’ permissions?” inquired Fiona.
         “Will you get in trouble?” asked shy Pippin.
         “Um… well… yes, so I don’t want to play near the fence on the far side of the paddock.” I stammered.
         “Jilla, you worry too much! I have done this a million times before, and I’ve only been caught three times.” replied Sophie.
         I however, found little comfort in this statement. Annie was, well, very soft on Sophie. Mother had told me that Sophie will end up having bad manners, and be hard to train because her mother constantly let her do whatever she pleased with only little consequence. My mother would nip me very hard if she found me, it made me feel very guilty thinking about it. I still wasn’t sure if it was worth it.
         We ended up playing in the middle of the paddock.
         I admit that I didn’t enjoy it very much, I was constantly thinking of my punishment if I got caught, or my guilty conscience if I didn’t. How could Sophie enjoy this, I wondered.
          We finally did decide to do a race around the paddock, much to my despair, but I still joined in.   
         “On your mark, get set, go!” Shouted Fiona, who never participated in races since she was very clumsy and slow.


Rebekah Brielle said...

I was doing a bit of blog hopping, and I found yours! I'm following you for sure!
Come check out my blog!
{Rebekah Brielle}

Izi said...

Hey Lauren,

Great post. Gosh, you are such a good writer! I have really enjoyed 'Jilla.' You should so get it published!

Ummm ..... check your e-mails. You never know, there might be something there just for you from me !!

Izi :)

Lauren said...


On the 'Poll Results' post I have confused the system. Please ignore that ad I am ONLY doing a ONCE a month post (on something un-Jilla related) I will do mostly book and movie reviews and then I will do often character profiles and horse informative reviews (which include show jumping) and occasional tips on story writing.

I am sorry for confusing everyone and I hope this makes sense.

From Lauren

Izi said...

ha ha, didn't even notice!

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