Monday, September 19, 2011

Poll Results...

Hello Followers

My Poll has finally closed and here is the results

Thank you to all of those who voted on my 'What Would You Like To See Once A Month On Jilla' poll. The results were interesting and have helped me understand what my followers would like to see best.

The results were...

Informative Horse Posts - 2 (28%)

Informative Show Jumping Posts - 1 (14%)

Character Profiles - 3 (42%)

Tips on Story Writing - 2 (28%)

Horse Book and Movie Reviews - 4 (57%)

All of the Above - 2 (28%)

None, I Like Jilla How it is - 2 (28%)

I will post every second month a horse book or movie review, and every other month alternate between a character profile, informative horse post (including show jumping posts) and tips on story writing. Sorry for those who voted they like Jilla just how it is, I am flattered, but I have to go with the most popular choice.

The 'Are You A Horsy Person' poll is still open, so don't forget to vote on it if you haven't already (:

From Lauren

p.s - This was my pony Bobby, I couldn't resist putting this pic somewhere on my blog (:


Sarah said...

Bobby is so cute, he would get on well with my pony Elvis. : )

Izi said...

Hi Lauren!

Yeah, ha ha, I do remember voting on your poll, but I can't remember what I voted for. I think it was the one 'I like Jilla just how it is,' though.

I love polls, they're great. Hey, are you on school holidays?

Izi :)

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

Yes, I am on school holidays at the moment (:

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