Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mother's Advice...

“Jilla,” Mother nudged me, “are you awake?”
         “Yes” I answered.
         “Come with me then to the other side of the paddock.”
         “Because I want to talk to you.”
I didn’t question any further. I knew whatever she wanted to tell me, it was important.  
         “Jilla, a time will come when we will be seprated, you do realise that don’t you? You will be broken in and be sold to another owner.” Mother softly told me.
         I did realise that, but I think I’d been trying to ignore the fact. Little did I realise that our parting would be sooner then I’d imagined.
         “I don’t want you to be sad about it, I can’t guarantee ever seeing you again once it happens, but I know I’ll see you again and never be separated from you, in a different world. You must try to be brave. Every foal goes through this, and I had to leave my mother when I was a little older then you. It’s a part of life that every horse must go through at some point. I am just as sad as you about it. You are my first foal, and you’ll always stay dear to my heart.
                If you were an ordinary horse, you might be kept on this farm for breeding or some ordinary purpose, but I know that you exist for something greater then that, you weren’t meant to live an ordinary life, but an extraordinary one, and I am proud to have been your mother.”
         Then Mother said something that washed over me like a spell that had just been cast upon my being.
         “If you never remember anything else that I have taught you, please remember this, life has many hurdles and like the ones you jump over they are difficult and need perseverance. Remember to never give up and never let fear control you. If you want to succeed in your life, you need to remember this for as long as you live. Trust your rider and may that bond hold you fast when the storms of life arise. Never let anything destroy that bond.”


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