Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award...

I have been award...

Thank you so much Grace for awarding me!

For this award I have to say seven things about myself and then pass it on to five other bloggers. So here I go...
  1. My favourite movie is the 2005 version of 'Pride and Prejudice'. 
  2. I am the oldest of all my cousins, in fact my youngest brother is older than our cousins.
  3. I have been working on a magazine called 'Completely Us' with a friend of mine. 
  4. I have a phobia of lighting matches. If I have to my hands get all shaky.
  5. I love swimming and my favourite stroak is butterfly.  
  6. Uncle got engaged on the 11/11/11.
  7. Even though I love show jumping, I have never competed in a gymkhana and I haven't even jumped on my horse Beauty yet. We don't have any thing to jump over.  
Before I give this award out, I want to say that I would have awarded Izi at 'My Ballet Point of View', but since she has told me that she only wants to post ballet related posts, there wouldn't be any point of giving this award to her. Please visit her blog anyway since it is really stylish enough to have an award, and it is very well written.

I know of lots of blogs that are stylish and I have had a previous award, One Lovely Blog Award and I think the awards are very similar, so I am only awarding people who I didn't award last time. Please click on the link to the post above if you haven't read it already. The blogs that I awarded are defiantly good enough to award this time, so please check them out. 

I give this award to...

Cassie from 'Purely His'. Bringing Glory to The King of Kings is the message on the bottom of the title and is Cassie motto and life's mission. Cassie posts about what it really means to be a Christian, how to improve your inner beauty and what purity really is.

Ella from 'The Chronicles of Narnia Lover'. As a fan of Narnia, I love to visit this blog often. This blog is 100% Narnia fan zone! Ella posts about the movies, her favourite movie pictures, Queen Susan and anything else Narnian. I highly recommend this to any Narnia movie fan.

Melody from 'Regency Delight'. Also I am a fan of Jane Austen and I love this blog! Melody posts about summaries of the books, movie recommendations, favourite quotes, ect. I have found this blog to be very helpful for Jane Austen fans like me who have read most of the books and are looking for suitable movie versions. I find it very interesting. I recommend this blog to any Jane Austen fan.

Leah Mays from 'Optimistic World View'. Leah Mays has truly optimistic blog where the post are bright and bubbly and give you a glimpse of her outlook on life. I enjoy reading this blog about her life. Leah Mays is a homeschool girl that loves horses, so I have a lot in common with her. She has a breezy chatty style of writing that is very refreshing. Please take some time to enjoy her lovely blog.

and last but not least...

Lizzy from 'My Imaginary Horse'. Lizzy is another horsy girl and her blog is about horses, photography, her walk with God and her life in general. I love this blog as much as I love all of the others above.  She is a fourteen-year-old Christian homeschool girl, so I also have a lot in common with her. Lizzy also has other blogs, so be sure to check them out. 

From Lauren


Melody said...

Thank you so much!! =) I love being awarded. I have already received and passed on this award, but I will add one more to the number of people who awarded me!

Thanks for writing the little summary of my blog! I was pleased to read it. :-)

Best of luck!

Lauren said...

Note to followers and readers of Jilla - You have probably seen my latest poll. I would be really interested in the results of this poll, so please vote. The poll is going for 372 days, so you still have plenty of time (although I may shorten it, depending on how popular it is)

If you want to, please comment to tell me what you voted, but I really don't mind if you want to keep it confidential.

Anyway if you are interested in who I relate to the most I'd have to say it is a combination of many of the characters. I probably relate to Jilla the most, although I am also quick to speak and a little foolish, like Benny, and I am not as quiet and reserved as Jilla. I can also be a bit bossy like Sophie and I am caring like Fiona.

Leah Mays said...

Oh, thank you *SO* much Lauren. You are so sweet, and thank you for the very kind words. It has been a great joy to me to read your blog as well. Thanks again for picking me to award. This is LIKE my first award ever. HAHA. I am not quite sure how to UH go about it. So if you could lend a bit of advice I would SSOOOOOO appreciate it.
Blessings in Christ.

Ella said...

Thanx so much for awarding me!!!!!
I will do the award as soon as can :)

*Lizzie* said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for awarding me ;)
I will have to post the award very soon!!!
Thanks for the sweet words about my blog ;) You are sweet!

Alice said...

I voted on the poll. :) It's hard to say, but I'd relate to fiona and Benny, or maybe Beauty. I LOVE your blog, Lauren!

Savories of Life said...

Just found your blog from leah's and think it is wonderful that you love horses. Do come over and follow me!

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