Friday, January 20, 2012

Unwelcome News...

“Do you think that bay mare still has it in her?” I overheard Jack talking to Farmer Jo.
         “Yes, I do. She’s the best jumper I’ve ever seen and she still seems fit enough. Haven’t you seen her run around the paddock with her young one?”
         “Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s competition standard, yet. And besides, she has her foal”
         “Nonsense! That foal is old enough to be weened now. I shouldn’t have retired her this young, it was a mistake. Anyhow Jack, you can put her in the barn, and start her training and fitness again. Just remember, the show’s at the end of the month.” Said Farmer Jo.
         Something inside me just died. I 
galloped as fast as I could to Mother. I somehow felt that I couldn’t waste a second by myself. I only had little time to spend with my Mother, before I would start being weened. Thoughts kept whirring around my mind. Was I a mistake? Why would they put Mother in another show? Hasn’t she finished her career? What will happen to me now?

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