Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips on Story Writing - Writing Down the Plot

When you first think of a story, it is very easy to miss the first step, which is necessary.

Write down the plot!

It does sound easy, but it took me to start writing a novel and then discovering that I had no idea how it would end, to realise the importance of this simple step.

For an example, I'll use Jilla.

I divided the story into three parts and wrote down the important 'milestones' of the story. If you are wondering I have almost finished the first third of the book. 'Jilla's Foalhood', and 'Life at Schleich Farm'.

The second and third part of the story is for you to find out.

I wrote down some of the titles I use for my posts (such as 'Flashbacks', 'My First Jump' and 'Mother's Advice'), as a basic guide for my story even before I wrote it.

Writing down the plot, is also very helpful for seeing progress, and to make sure I don't get too sidetracked on sub-plots, of minor parts of the story.

I didn't write down everything that happened in my story. Things like 'Sophie's Fight' or 'On the Other Side of the Fence' are sub-plots that I came up with while I was writing the story. It makes creative writing so much more interesting and exciting if you come up with some surprises, as long as they still fit in with the rest of the story.

Story writing is so unique from other types of writing, it should be spontaneous and fun, so the best way to learn things it to experiment, and try things out for yourself. After all, there is no right and wrong to write a story. I can only tell you tips that I have learnt and tips that have helped me.

Happy Novel Writing!


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