Saturday, February 25, 2012


Jack saw him and waved his arms trying to stop him. But Prince would not be stopped.  Other people saw the magnificent Stallion, now wild with rage and fear, try to kick his way through the barn wall to save his beloved mare.
         Someone threw a rope around him and lead him away. He called out to his first love for the last time. Mother answered back, slowly and sadly, just the way I had when I said good–bye to her.
The barn was fully alight. The roof collapsed. And Mother was buried in it.
I couldn’t realise what just happened. It was so terrible and terrifying, it just had to be a bad dream. But in my heart I knew that it was real. And I would never see my mother again. My whole life changed in less then an hour. 
         Annie came over to me, but I walked away, I was never close to her, and she couldn’t understand my sorrow, not ever. Sophie watched me, but didn’t dare to come over.
Prince was lead into the paddock. He walked up to me, and rubbed his noble head against my shoulder as Mother had so often done. Then he reared up on his hind legs; threw his head up; and cried a Stallions cry.
         Every horses’ head turned to watch the ghostly white stallion against the moonless black sky, cry out to his deceased mate.  


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

nice (but sad) :( look forward to reading the rest!


Big Sister said...

*sniff* sniff* :'( Oh, sadness! *waahh!*

Bring on da rest!

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