Monday, March 5, 2012


Days went by perhaps weeks; time didn’t matter; life was empty; reality was unbearable. But for some reason, I couldn’t even feel the full impact of Mother’s death. I was underweight and I hadn’t eaten since, but other then that I never cried out to her after that terrible night. I was in denial.
The horrible reality was so unimaginable I still couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t actually fathom never seeing Mother’s kind face again.
                  I wasn’t really alone in this trial, Prince would sleep next to me at night, and I was closer to him then ever before. I could tell he wasn’t coping with the tragedy either, but he couldn’t properly grieve. Instead he kept all his emotions bottled up, never mentioning Mother’s name.  
         Maybe because Mother’s death had happened so quick was the reason I couldn’t cry, but life was so empty it was unbearable.
         One day I was wandering near the fence that divided our paddock from Tinkers. I overheard Blossom talking to April.
         “That poor foal, now she’ll never make it in the jumping career, I shouldn’t wonder if she never excels at anything after this.” Sighed Blossom.
         “True, she can’t become anything without her mother”. Replied April.

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*Lizzie* said...

Awww....! This is so sad :(((( But I really like the story! So keep up the good work! And post soon again!!! :D

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