Monday, May 7, 2012

Caption Contest

Dear Followers

 I am hosting a caption contest!

Boy and Horse

The theme is (obviously) horses.

To Enter 

1 - Follow this blog if you don't already.

2 - Write you captions for each picture (or the one/s of your choice) in a blog post or comment.

3 - Comment to tell me the address of your blog post.

It's as simple as that! 
Each picture will be judged individuality, so there will be a winner for each picture.  

Entries will close on the 13th of May, Sunday.

I will announce the winners on Monday.

Have Fun!



Cathy said...

2nd photo- You friend I am the new face of oral b toothbrushes

Sarah said...

Hope you like these!
Photo one:
Horse: "I'll have some carrot fries and a apple juice, thanks."
Photo Two:
Horse: "Awww, gimme a kiss!"
Photo Three:
Horse: "Ooff, the fly ith sthuck up me noths."

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