Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our winner is...

First, here are the answers for the quiz.

  1. How many book reviews are there on this blog? 3
  2. Which state was Jilla born? Tasmania
  3. Who is this blog dedicated to? Beauty and Bobby
  4. What breed is Jilla? Hanoverian cross Lippizanner
  5. Which is the most popular post? My family and Schleich farm 
  6. Prince had the making of a stallion in the wild, with all the qualities of cunning, strength, leadership, perseverance and courage. 
  7. What was weirdest food Lauren ever ate? Green jelly with fish source
  8. How high was Jilla's first jump? 14 hands, 140cm
  9. Sophie was well known for what? Sneaking out of the paddock
  10. What are the names of the foals in 'the club'? Jilla, Sophie, Fiona, Benny, Yarra and Pipin
  11. Is farmer Jo old or young? and where in Jilla do you get that impression from? Old (He was old, bald and overweight)
  12. What was mother's advice? Trust your rider, never let anything destroy that bond. 
  13. What riding style dose Lauren prefer? Natural Horsemanship
  14. What is the opening sentence in Jilla? My heart raced as they called my name. 
  15. Dose Lauren have a phobia? If so, what of? Matches
  16. How did Jilla get attention and praise in the chapter called attention and praise? Jumping the fallen log. 
  17. What time of day is Lauren's favourite? Evening
  18. Describe Annie (Sophie's Dam), using similar descriptions Lauren used. Nasty and ill tempered and as graceful as a wild doe.
  19. How old was Beauty when she met Prince?  2
  20. (no wrong answer question) Which character in Jilla best reflects Lauren's personality to you? For an extra point - explain your answer
Now the two contesters for the quiz answered these questions...

Grace - Q8 140cm 
Q11 Farmer Jo is old, it states so in the second chapter. 
Q10 The foals in the club were
Benny, Fiona, Pippin and Yarra. 
Q16 Jilla jumped over a log.

Grace has a total score of 4 points (You forgot to mention Jilla and Sophie in Q10, 
but I'll let it pass) and you answered all your questions correctly, well done!

For Big sister's comment, I'll mark it as I go, so I'll give each wrong answer a 'x' (cross).

Big Sister - 1. Two -x
2. Err. - x
3. Bobby and Beauty 
4. Hanoverian x Lipizzaner 
5. Erm... -x
6. ..? -x
7. Crocodile meat? -x
8. It was over a log. Unless I am sadly mistaken, which is sadly possible since my brain
resembles a sieve.
9. Getting into mischief? (Lauren - um, not exactually, but kind of, so I'll give you a point)
10. Benny, Sophie, Jilla, Yarra, Fiona and Pippin?  
11. Old. 
12. "Be good, and never, ever touch bananas" (in other words, I have forgotten). - x 
13. Dressage? I really haf no idea. -x
14. It's Jilla going in a show, and then having a flashback. :) 
15. Apart from the banana phobia, I'm not really sure! - x 
16. Because of jumping over the log (I think). 
17. Evening (methinks). 
18. I think I remember that she was slightly arrogant, and never disciplined Sophie? 
19....? -x
20. Well, I think you are very caring Lauren :) 

Well, Big sister you have a total of 11 points! Thank you for trying to answer each question, 
and you got a really good score!

Congratulations Big Sister, you are the winner!!!

Email Sarah HERE to receive your prize. 



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Dear followers and readers of Jilla

I'm sorry about the width of the post.

I've tried everything I could think of to fix it, but it is being really stubborn.

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Grace said...

Great work Big Sister!!

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