Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes, I am still writing Jilla

Dear Followers

Sorry, I have been quite a slack blogger lately. I'd rather not think how long ago I updated the story.

Yes I am still writing Jilla, and still love creative writing.

So what have I been posting?

You probably remember my 1st blog-annervasary on the 6th of May. The whole month (and more) ended up being dedicated to special posts, and a giveaway.

Here is a list of posts since the last edition of the story...

So, what next?

I am planning on posting more of my story, especially since I left you with a sad chapter (If you can't remember the last update of the story, read it HERE). That is not the ending of Jilla's story, only the beginning of a new chapter of her life.

I also have plans on movie reviews, an award and lots more ideas.

Sorry for the wait, and there is more posts to come.

me & my beautiful girl

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Holly said...

i love that photo of you and your horse! and i took it!!! :) :)

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