Monday, September 3, 2012


The time came when I knew that I wasn’t going to stay much longer at Schleich farm. I was fully trained and Farmer Jo knew he could sell me for a high price. I had exceptional breeding, and was a naturally talented jumper. However there were other factors that turned people off buying me. I wasn’t practically talented with dressage. If you wanted to compete in high competition jumping, you had to compete in Equestrian, which included jumping, cross-country and dressage. I was still very good at cross-country, but dressage greatly confused me, besides, I personally found it very un-natural and pointless. But I still had to learn. 

I was also short and still timid. Most show-jumping horses were tall, impressive and powerful looking. I was 14.2 hands, ordinary looking, my coat neither glistened in the sun, nor dazzled anyone with it’s beautiful colouring, it was plain brown. I certainly did not look powerful, people might describe me as ‘fine boned’.

Many people came to look at me and try me out. They were eager meeting Beauty’s only foal, but seemed greatly disappointed meeting me. I was ridden by men, women, boys and girls, but most of them were serious competitors. I could tell by the way their hawk-like gaze studied me and their iron-grip on the reins, that they would care no more for a horse then a sports car. They would have admiration and pride over a horse, but no love and care; no human/horse bond Mother would tell me of.
         No one was impressed with me until Emily came.  

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