Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Favourite Memories of Schleich Farm...

After my first jump, Mother spent most of her time coaching me on jumping. She showed me how to jump high logs and encouraged and corrected my jumping skills.
Although I enjoyed jumping, my favourite memory of life at Schleich farm was when Mother and I spent time alone to talk. As much as I loved the rest of my family, nothing could replace the long talks we had and the way we used to race (or jump) around our paddock. Mother and I had a special bond that few foals had with their mothers.
         Annie loved Sophie a lot, but they never spent the same time together. I could tell Sophie was a little bit jealous.
         I loved my sire, but Prince always favoured Sophie, and I knew why. Sophie was a lot like Prince, and Prince never had any colts. So Sophie was like the colt Prince never had. He liked to teach her to fight and other things that most Sires’ only taught their colts.
         Mother was wise and I listened to her advice every time she gave it. But the most important advice she gave me, I still remember to this day.
   It was a beautiful midsummer evening, when I was a yearling, Mother told me the most important lecture she ever gave me. 


Leah Mays said...

HAHA! Looks like everyone is so caught up in your stories that they just forget to comment! =) haha! By the way, they are some really interesting reads. =) Keep up the good work.

Izi said...

Hi Lauren,

Awesome post, as I always say. You are ... SUCH a good writer.

Hey, I really love your new profile pic. Did you get your hair cut? I didn't know that.

We should so chat on the phone again. Ooh yeah, and check your e-mails. I sent one a while ago but you haven't replied you.

I mean, no pressure or anything, obviously. Is your e-mail system still down?

Izi :)

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

Thanks for the complements!

No I didn't get my hair cut, the photo is from a youth group formal , where I got my hair styled. It was taken almost a year ago. I'm not photogenic, so the few good photo's I have of myself, I use them a lot (lol). Actually, I don't really like the photo that much, I'm squinting, or something, I am changing it to a similar pic soon.

Um yes, our email is working, but it works one day, and the next it doesn't. I'll try to reply soon (:

From your friend Lauren

Grace said...

I've awarded you Lauren.


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