Sunday, July 29, 2012

Her passion lives on in her foal...

Training wasn’t particularly hard of easy. It was training. I was taught things like picking my feet up to be picked, and the more essential things such as wearing a bridle and saddle, eventually I was taught to carry a rider on my back and listen to his commands. Farmer Jo and Jack were kind and patient, I was scared of all these new things I was learning, especially since my mother wasn’t there to give guidance, advice or support, but I learnt them without too much difficulty. I wasn’t highly-strung or stubborn, just nervous.
         When Jack walked me over the trotting poles, it was obvious to everyone where my talents lay. I was a born jumper. All the horses knew it, but the humans were learning of this talent for the first time, and were quite delighted.
         “Horses either are naturally good at jumping, or are’nt, Beauty was one of those who were, and so is her young filly.” Remarked Farmer Jo.
         “It looks as if we haven’t lost Beauty after all” replyed Jack “her passion lives on in her foal.”
He was right. And I was mighty proud. 

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