Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award...

I have been awarded...

Thank you so much Rebecca! I really appreciate it (:

I am supposed to say seven things about me that you might not know, so here are my answers...

1 - My Dad is a pilot

2 - I love herbs! My favourites are Coriander, Basil and Chives.  

3 - I broke my right arm at five by falling off my Aunty's horse. I have also broken my left arm at ten by falling off our slippery dip at home (yeah I know, I am talented at hurting myself!)

4 - I have been to Papua New Guinea, England, Ireland and Scotland. 

5 - I did 'Little Athletics'  and was placed 'Under 8 Girl Champion'. 

6 - My Grandma was a model.

7 - I have done gymnastics and have placed 6th on floor and 3rd on vault in a competition.

I have to pass this on to 15 other bloggers, so if your name is in the list, please do as I have done and write seven things about yourself and pass it on to 15 others (it doesn't matter if you can't make it to 15, I didn't). Most importantly though, have fun!

Alice from Alice's Place 

Bex from BEx Blog

Bri from Diamonds and Pearls

Crista Moriah from Uniquely Fashioned For His Glory

Elizabeth from Quiet Streams

Eloise from Ella

Grace from Imagination Plus Creation

Holly from Roses and Bluebells

India From Heaven In My Heart

Izi from My Ballet Point of View

Makenzie from Big Sister's Nook

Sarah from Isla Creations

I hope you have found this interesting (:

From Lauren


Rebecca said...

I love herbs too! Every year I grow a big herb garden with about twelve different kinds.
I broke my arm jumping off a swing! I am talented at hurting myself as well ;)
Once, I even got a pitch fork accidently in my arm. That hurt!

Anonymous said...

congrats lauren! thanks for giving it to me too! :)


p.s. have you entered my givaway?

Alice said...

Ooh... thank you SO much for awarding me, Lauren!! I was so excited to see my name there, I had no idea! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. :)
Your blog is looking gorgeous. xx

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Lauren! I an not going to make it to 15 blogs, but I'll try!

Alice said...

(P.S. I've sent you an invitation to view my private blog - I think it was to your Mum's email, so I'm not sure if it's the right one.)

Grace said...

Thanks for the award Lauren!
Wow, your dads a pilot? What type of aircraft does he fly? (Airbus or the smaller ones planes?) My brother wants to be a pilot.


Izi said...

Hey Lauren,

Thanks so much for passing the award onto me! That's great, but I'm sure as I have told you before, I am strictly not aloud to write anything about anything but dance. I made that decision myself at the end of last year, as I am hoping to enter an international compertition for dance blogs. If you win your blog gets like really famous and it's really awesome stuff. To enter that compertition, there has to be only posts about dance - nothing else!


Ok, but I'll write seven things about me here and now:

1) I am coming to the end of my 10th year of ballet. I have won many competitions, but of course, lost many as well.

2) My Grandpa led the Sydney synphony orchestra in oboe for years, and went travelling internationally doing so.

3) I did little athletics and got the under 10's girls runner up award.

4) I have been to South Africa, Italy, Uk, Ireland, France and Stradbroke Island.

5) I love to cook and especially bake. It's so great and yummy!

6) My Dad's an agronomist.

7) I am a piano nerd and play all day, and whenever I can. It's the biggest passion in my life.

(you probably know all of this, by the way)

So yeah, that's the longest comment I have ever left on anyone's blogspot. Have a great rest of your day/night.

Izi :)

Lauren said...

Hi Izi

That's fine that you can't post about yourself (: I understand. Um, since I know you so well, I did know all of those (hehe) but if I didn't know you so well they would be great! I enjoyed reading your '7 things about yourself' anyway (:

From Lauren

Izi said...

ha ha, yeah same. I remember the second time you broke your arm, you had that blue cast on. You came to stay at our place for a few days. We went down to the 'green patch,' at the bottom of that paddock that surrounded our house. Ahhh, the good times.

We were going to ride bikes, but because you had a broked arm, we couldn't. When we had a shower that night (we used to shower together when we were little, remember) I had to wrap your arm in a plastic bag. Actually, I remember now, we bathed, then showered.

ahhhhhh. I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!

love you!

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