Monday, September 3, 2012

I want to hear from YOU

Dear followers and readers of Jilla

Well, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things again in the blogger world. I know, I hid behind the excuse 'I've been busy at Just So Stories', erm, my apologies. I was busy for a while writing 'Rose Buds in the Bush', but now, that is also under neglect. Sorry about that, but I suppose I'll stop blabbering, and get to the point of their post.

I'm hosting a feedback week.

Nothing too exciting, but this week I'm focusing your feedback. The reason is this...

Ok, I'm human. I sometimes feel low about my story Jilla or my creative writing in general. Other times, I feel so proud of myself, I desperately need someone to knock me down a little, and help me be a better writer. Sometimes that means constructive criticism. I really want to hear your honest opinion of Jilla.

So, for this week, I am allowing you to hid behind the luxury of being anonymous. I need to know why you do or don't like Jilla, I don't want flattery that isn't genuine.

However, I will still moderate comments. If you strongly object to something in Jilla you may tell me, but you must be polite! Any comment containing abuse or foul language will be immediately deleted and I will not acknowledge that opinion at all. 

There will be three polls. One will be you age group (because I would like to know what my target audience should be), another will be about the kind of person you are. Please don't think I'm being nosy with these questions, I would just like to know whether you are a christen or not, whether you homeschool or not, whether you love horses or not, whether you love books or not and whether you write or not.

(btw - a non-reader doesn't mean illiterate, it just means that you don't really enjoy reading, opposed to a book-worm, same with a non-writer, you probably can write, but it's whether you enjoy creative writing for the fun of it, or not)

It is a multiple answer poll, so I would appreciate it if you could tick five different answers that best describe you.

For the last poll I am asking you to rate Jilla.

5 star = I love Jilla, a favourite story of mine.
4 star = I find Jilla intresting, I really enjoy it.
3 star = Pretty good, average story, I might recommend it.
2 star = Okay, it don't really interest me.
1 star = Boring, I think it's a poor quality story.

Just remember - I don't mind criticism, It'll probably help me.  I also love compliments, as long as you say what you honestly think, I'll appreciate it.

Oh, and if you like, comment under your google profile. I won't think any less of you for it ( :



Holly said...

love all the ideas lauren! can't wait to vote on the polls! :)

Alice said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea, Lauren! I can't wait to vote on the polls and give you some feedback (even though you already know a bit about me)! Honestly, I think you're a *great* writer with amazing talent!
Thanks for your comment on my blog, too -- I just sent you an email about the journal cover!
Alice xo

Bilbo Baggins said...

Blogger won't let me set up a poll either! >: ( So annoying!

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