Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Farewell Dearest Shadow

We said goodbye to our beloved Shadow last Saturday. We had her for thirteen years, she was more then a pet, she was a member of our family. 

Dear God,
Thank you for blessing us with Shadow, we know we had to let her go, she was in pain and suffering,  and we know that she has gone to a better place.  

Thank you for blessing us with such a loyal dog, she knew her duty was to look after us, and she did just that. She was always selfless and had a servant heart. We'll never forget how she would follow us everywhere, even though she was so scared of strangers. We couldn't even stop her from coming to preschool with us.  She was a shadow, she shadowed us wherever we went. 

She was so very clever, Shadow could be taught how to only step her two front paws in the house, she just loved our company. God, I'll always remember how she loved visiting our farm, even though Shadow was scared silly of the cows. 

She loved her friends dearly God, I know she's happy now seeing Warragoil and Sebastian, I remember how she morned their departure from this life. When we first bought Panda home, she accepted him, even though he was a cat. 

Something I learnt from Shadow is how to be joyful, no matter what the circumstances were, she was happy with her life, even near the end, when she was in pain. I just loved her so much.  

Dear Lord, please can you give Shadow a special hug, and whether you give dogs rewards in heaven or not, I don't know, but if you do, there's no dog that's ever lived that would deserve it as much as Shadow does. Amen.

Dearest Shadow, there is no way to truly describe how much you meant to the family, how much you meant to me. We all miss you very much, thank you for the service you gave this family, we will never forget you. I love you forever, 


Big Sister said...

*sob* Farewell Shadow! :'(

Cassie said...

Oh, so sad! I actually cried.
Dear God, please comfort dearest Lauren and her family.
Praying for you, lovely.

Cassie xoxoxo

Alice said...

Hey Lauren!
Thanks for your comment on my blog! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you till now... I thought leaving a comment on your blog would be the quickest way to get in touch with you! (So no need to publish this comment.)
The link for Teen Missions Australia is http://www.teenmissions.com.au/mission-trips/summer-teen-trips/ , which has some information about the trips *this* year and what they do on their trips etc. I'm not sure how much info the site gives, but if you're really interested I could get Mum or Caleb to email you (as they've been on trips before) and tell you about it. (It's really interesting!) Teen Missions actually haven't announced next year's trips yet; they don't announce them till the beginning of the year (late January) which is probably why you couldn't find any. I'd be really happy to email you and give you some more information about if you want - I LOVE talking about it! Hope that all makes sense.
So sorry to hear about Shadow passing away! That's so sad. :(
Love Alice xox

Sarah said...

I awarded you on my blog, but if you're not feeling up to it then don't do it.

~MEL~ said...

i still remember when i first met Shadow...


Nice blog. I'm so sorry about Shadow. She seemed to be a wonderful pet and family member.

At my home we just lost a cat. He had been with us for many years.

Its always hard to say goodbye to loved ones. Know that God keeps count of all our tears and He promises to wipe every tear from our eyes when we get to heaven.

I wouldn't be surprised if Shadow and your other pets will be there beside Jesus waiting to greet you!

God is close to the brokenhearted. Blessings to you and your family. Heal and love again. :)

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